About Us

Since 1995, ALLEGRO has provided services to tens of thousands of musicians and audience members from all walks of life in the western suburbs and the greater Twin Cities area. Our goal is to:

Awakening Lives: Using Orchestras to Guide Everyone Toward Growth and Renewal

The goal of ALLEGRO is to give audiences in the Twin Cities the best orchestra experience possible. The only orchestra in town that performs all musical eras with historical accuracy. We put a lot of emphasis on the significance and vital role that music can have in people’s lives in all of our performances and seminars. We collaborate with other organizations and healthcare practitioners who are dedicated to enhancing everyone’s wellness.

Healing is an active and internal process that involves looking at one’s attitudes, emotions, and beliefs with the intention of letting go of any unhelpful habits that stand in the way of one’s complete emotional and spiritual recovery. Through the vibrations it sends into each performer and audience member, music can help people recognize and feel physical memories and emotions, which in turn causes a greater awareness of one’s own state of being and promotes wellness.