Allegro Orchestra Camp

Allegro Orchestra Camp Legacy continues on through MacPhail Center for Music to offer experience unlike any other (read more).

For 11 years, Allegro presented the Allegro Orchestra Camp and in 2010 MacPhail began to administer the camp experience. Call 612-321-0100 for camp details or visit the MacPhail today to reserve your spot.

Allegro recognized a need to offer this unique camp to the community so many years ago and over a thousand campers have benefited from the experience. Now, we are proud that MacPhail will continue on the tradition of presenting this amazing orchestra camp.

What have people said about the Allegro Orchestra Camp?

Testimonials from the 2006 camp participants

  • "The whole camp experience was really amazing! I was motivated about music and I learned a lot from the staff…Everyone was so nice, and I was able to make friends that I still keep in touch with now…I'm really looking forward to next summer! Thanks."
  • "I felt that I really grew as a musician and the music was fun and challenging."
  • "Top of the line instruction - and pizza was fun on the last day."
  • "It was very rewarding overall and was a great experience."
  • "I love ALLEGRO and can't wait for next year!"

Testimonials from Parents

  • "We were impressed to hear the improvement in our student over the two weeks & she could see the impact of concentrated practice."
  • "I saw great improvement in my daughter's confidence/ability. Overall this was a wonderful camp experience. I was very happy with the quality and friendliness of the staff."
  • "My daughter was very excited about her music and master classes. You are not afraid to present challenging music and the kids meet the level."
  • "My son still talks about the master class because of the pro and also about playing with the pros at the concert.
  • It was the highlight of his year and has motivated him to try even harder."

Testimonials from 2005 camp participants

  • "A great camp with good challenging music!"
  • "It rocks - we hope to be back again next year along with younger sibling."
  • "Playing with the professional orchestra was a great experience. The camp helped me decide that I do want to continue playing in college. It helped build up my confidence."
  • "I enjoyed this camp a lot; the conductors were very good!"
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the camp. Playing with the professionals was amazing. I liked the instruction & the presentations. Overall the camp was a great experience."
  • "I loved this camp so much! I can't wait for next year!"

Quotes from William Stuber, ALLEGRO Founder and Conductor

"Providing committed orchestra students with the opportunity to not only learn from the best, but actually play right alongside them is very exciting for me. For those looking to study music at the college level, a side-by-side experience can give them the confidence and inspiration to become a professional orchestra musician."

"It's thrilling to provide role models for students. We believe the role of the professional coaches and instructors is to serve as teachers, mentors and advocates. That carries on throughout the program. The beginning students model the top camp students who model the professionals. Everyone in the continuum has someone they can look up to."


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