Who We Are

ALLEGRO has served thousands of musicians and audience members of all ages and backgrounds in the western suburbs and the entire Twin Cities region since 1995. Our mission is:

      Awakening Lives: Leading Everyone to Growth and Renewal through Orchestras

ALLEGRO’s vision is to present the best orchestra experience in the Twin Cities.  Allegro Con Brio is the only orchestra in town to perform all periods of music in a historically informed manner.  In all of our concerts and workshops, we place a great emphasis on the important role and meaning that music can play in people’s lives. We partner with other organizations and health care providers that are committed to improving the wellness of all people.

According to Caroline Myss, PH.D, healing is an active and internal process that includes investigating one’s attitudes, memories and beliefs with the desire to release all negative patterns that prevent one’s full emotional and spiritual recovery (from Anatomy of the Spirit).  Music, through the vibrations that enter each player and audience member, can aid in the recognition of and sensation of physical memories and emotions, thereby causing a heightened awareness of state of being leading to wellness.

William Stuber, founder and artistic director, believes passionately in the power of live orchestra music to heal and transform lives. Orchestras profoundly affected him as a young person (see personal story) and music became the most powerful positive influence in his life. This is why he founded ALLEGRO - to share orchestra music and all it offers with as many people as possible. You are invited to join us in this mission to awaken lives through orchestras by volunteering or becoming a member of ALLEGRO Friends.

ALLEGRO is led by William Stuber, the organization's founder, Artistic Director and conductor. Mr. Stuber has conducted several orchestras around the country, including the San Diego Symphony, Chautauqua Symphony, Oberlin Chamber Orchestra, and University of Minnesota Symphony Orchestra. Currently, he conducts Allegro Con Brio, an innovative professional orchestra comprised of members of the Minnesota Orchestra, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, Minnesota Opera and freelance musicians. Mr. Stuber conducted Allegro Sinfonia, a highly accomplished orchestra of volunteer musicians, for 14 years. As conductor he has worked with many soloists who hold principal positions with the Chicago Symphony, St. Paul Chamber
Orchestra and Minnesota Orchestra, and with internationally renowned soloists as well. He received a Conducting Fellowship at the University of Minnesota where he studied with William Eddins and Mark Russell Smith.

Stuber spent the early part of his career as a clarinetist, having served as principal with the San Diego Chamber Orchestra, Las Vegas Symphony, and Chautauqua Festival Orchestra. As clarinetist he has participated in the Tanglewood and Chautauqua music festivals, and has won several awards including top prize at concerto competitions at the Oberlin Conservatory and Chautauqua Music Festival, and the Grand Prize at several music competitions in the Los Angeles area. Mr. Stuber's solo work has been heard on classical radio stations across the country. He holds degrees from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music and The Juilliard School.

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